Freelance Training

Program Overview

The goal of this course is to impart freelance knowledge in the most straightforward and efficient manner possible. The dos and don’ts that a freelancer needs to be aware of are discussed. In this course, various sorts of freelance marketplaces are introduced. So that a student could profitably use web portals like Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer, they are introduced and covered in detail.


Learning Objectives

Virtual assistant’s freelance course provides knowledge more about the drawbacks and advantages of freelancing by taking this free online course. You will gain more expertise by learning how to develop precise goals, plan launches, and create winning sales proposals. To maximize client acquisition, you will learn to construct precise bids and automate commit messages. In this session, we’ll also talk about the advantages of delivering code quality reports.

Benefits Included

Know about various platforms like Amazon, Fiverr, Upwork, etc.

Learn How to have a perfect freelancing profile

Learn tactics of communication on online market places

Get skilled in selling your skills

Learn Freelacing Skills

Course Outline

Setup your Freelancing profile up and running!
  • Why to create new email accounts
  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • PPH
  • Guru
  • Freeup
  • Pros and Cons of each platform
  • Managing finances
  • Setup Payoneer
  • Assignments
My amazing Upwork profiling formula!
  • Why and how to do keyword research?
  • Correct ways of writing Upwork profiles, things to consider.
  • The best time to bid
  • My amazing job bidding for maximum conversion
  • Understanding seller levels
  • Setup chrome extension for effective job search
  • Assignments
My Secret Upwork Proposal for YOU!
  • Analyze the Job before bidding, and why is it most IMPORTANT?
  • One proposal for all?
  • Practical proposal, What’s wrong & What’s right
  • Following the YOU attitude.
  • Connection building while writing proposal
  • My Burger Strategy
  • Portfolio & Case studies are mandatory
  • How your proposal ranks higher? It is not about your earning!
Your Interview Precreation
  • Never say “No”?
  • You attitude is not only for proposals
  • Feel and be professional.
  • Interview Vs. Proposal
The Fiverr fever!
  • Fiverr keyword research. Yes, it’s different from Upwork.
  • Creating KWs data bank
  • Understanding Fiverr seller levels
  • Finding out competition against your skill
  • Use of KW while creating GIG
  • My secret URL for Fiverr
  • Package pricing and offers
  • Getting your GIG ranked easily
  • Assignments
Communication & Negotiation
  • Steppingstone in communication and negotiation
  • How to become soft for people and hard for problems
  • The science Goal setting
  • Bonuses and worksheets
Data Management & Reporting!
  • Introduction of MS Excel and Google sheets in freelancing
  • Basic Formulas and there use in Google and Excel.
  • Learn these 2 winning formulae – MUST FOR ALL
  • Presentation is always organized
Don’t be an expert without project management
  • Basics of project management
  • How to use Asana and Trello
  • What is Slack and Hubstaff?
  • How to be an effective project manager
  • Understanding the need of reporting
  • Don’t be a silent warrior, your voice matters.
Understanding of multiple eCommerce platforms and why?
  • Platform’s basics an expert must know about (eBay, Etsy, Walmart, Shopify etc.)
  • Are you really eCommerce expert or just a VA?
  • What a GORA needs and why to offer 360 business model.
  • Why not to start small eBay store yourself in parallel?
Understanding eBay as VA
  • Understanding the limits and accounts basics
  • Amazing product research formula
  • Store Vs. listing
  • Top customer service hacks
FBA Wholesale, VA Prospect
  • The 200 distributor lists
  • Data management and communication is the key
  • Supply chain management
  • Understanding Keepa
  • Understanding Scan unlimited etc.
  • What questions you can expect in an interview of WS FBA
Amazon PL, VA Prospect
  • Remember the reporting is KEY
  • Product research and client needs
  • Sourcing patterns, the effective way
  • Supply chain management
  • Use of H10 and other tools
  • PPC reporting and management
  • PPC automation tool (Perpetua)
How to -Shopify Private Label Branded

The most important thing in e-commerce is how to become a brand and once you learn how to become a brand no one can beat you.

Choose the best for yourself! Work Remortly from Home