Facebook Marketing Training

Program Overview

Complete TikTok Marketing Course for Business -TikTok Habits. Learn Daily TikTok Marketing Habits to Promote Your Business or Passion – You Can Master TikTok Marketing. TikTok is the newest and fastest growing social media platform. It’s getting a lot of hype, and with good reason. It is possible to start with zero followers on TikTok and within a few days or even a few hours, generate thousands or even tens of thousands of views for your videos. That is why marketers are now flocking to TikTok, and why you should too.


Learning Objectives

Facebook, Instagram, Linked and YouTube all have strengths that can be leveraged by marketers. But these are mature platforms that are all increasingly expensive to market on, even to your own followers. TikTok is the Wild West. Now is THE time for you and your brand to stake your claim by getting serious about TikTok marketing. The instructors for this course are not academic theoreticians. They are practitioners who produce and post new videos every single day on TikTok. They share with you the best TikTok marketing tips, tricks, and tactics in real-time.If you are ready to jump into TikTok marketing, then enroll in this course today.

What you’ll learn

TikTok Marketing

All things TikTok

Digital Marketing

TikTok Video Production Techniques

TikTok Promotion Skills

Tiktok Ads Marketing

Course Outline

Optimizing Your Professional Account
  • Introduction To Your Account Set Up
  • Making Your TikTok Account
  • Optimizing Your Bio
  • Benefits of a Creator Account
Why Advertise On TIKTOK
  •  Why Advertise On Tiktok
  •  Tiktok Demographics
  •  Costing 
Getting Started On TIKTOK
  •  Campingn Objectives
  •  Crafting Winning Ad
  •  Pros & Cons
Learn How To Setup ADS
  •  Account Creation
  •  Learning Tiktok Ads Features
 TIKTOK Pixel Installation 
TIKTOK Store Setup
  • Connectivity with webiste 
  • Catalog Creation
  • Shop Features on Tiktok 


TIKTOK Video Editor
  • How To Use TIKTOK Editor 
  • Video Creation
  • Video for Ads
Retargeting And Scalling
  •  Scalling 
  •  Retargeting
  •  Ranking

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